Update on Community Genie 🧞‍♂

• 2 min read

Wow! July has flown by and it is amazing how much you can learn in just one month about how to launch a SaaS.

I have some good and some bad news regarding Community Genie and the 12 for 12 challenge.

I'll start with the bad news

  • We're late on delivering community genie in the 30 days we had. What does late mean? We don't have a working product.
    We hope to get it done within the next 7-10 days

What was the problem? Truthfully we underestimated the learning curve of the Stripe and Discord API.
Along with the OAuth for both. If you're interested in our learnings with these both, let me know i'll make a write-up on it.

The good news

  1. The app look and 'works' BEAUTIFULLY; we spent alot of time working out the kinks we felt other providers did poorly. (This is subjective I know 🙄)
  2. We have a cold discord outreach and email marketing campaign setup with over 2,000 direct leads. If you're interested in how this works; we used Lemlist to warm up our .net email address and avoid our emails going to spam. With a warm email, highly targeted leads, and a decent emailing campaign we hope to have some traction.
  3. We have learned so much in just this short period about making, marketing, and setting up a SaaS.

Teaser Pics

Some Resources I've consumed during my Daily Workouts and Dog Walks to help me gain some knowledge


The Mom Test- By Rob Fitzpatrick


Startups for the Rest of Us - Rob Walling

Tropical MBA- Dan & Ian

What I'm Listening to

Some feel-good music keep me positive to not be upset we missed out Month launch goal

← Community Genie 🧞‍♂MVP Complete
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