Project #2 Magic Bulb 💡

• 1 min read

Magic Bulb is a SaaS starter kit/boilerplate using Vue.Js and Laravel.

It was born from realizing how much we had left out in our #1 Project .

The idea is to have an out of the box kit that will include

-Stripe Integration (Admin and User)

-Mailgun Integration

-Multi-User System

-Password Reset

The list goes on on features. This tool will serve us internally to continue to create projects, and externally for people who like to use Laravel and Vue.js as a tech stack.

If you're following my timeline you know I'm late... it's about 2 projects in 3 months. We're just about to finish Magic Bulb and have the 3rd one planned.

I'll Share that when this launches on October 15th.

Community Genie 🧞‍♂MVP Complete →

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